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Back on deck

We’re back and a lot has been happening at Combat TV

We now supply the footage for the Whawhai Sports Show on Maori TV on Thursday nights at 10.30.

The Robb Report

Tune in on for the latest news presented by Combat TV principal Tony Robb. Videos are uploaded to our youtube channel and also available on this link.

The Robb report will be back in action soon. If you want to hear it first, tune in to the Robb report.

Oh what a night

Back in another century a singer called Frankie Valli had a hit with a song called oh what a night. As the large crowd filed out o f the ASB stadium last night that was the most used phrase that could be heard. What had just been witnessed was another Jason Suttie masterpeice. Carrying on

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Welcome to our updated site

Thank you for looking. Our aim is to keep the New Zealand and International fight comunity up to date with what is happening on the local fight scene, wether it be boxing, kick boxing or mma. The fight scene in New Zealand is very strong at the moment and we want to help it grow

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There were plenty of bad intentions at the ABA on Saturday night when King Hit Promotions held a corporate boxing night for fighters who had completed a twelve week challenge. The tables were heavy laden with all tastes well and truly catered for, making sure those who had paid for the

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