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Back on deck

We’re back and a lot has been happening at Combat TV

We now supply the footage for the Whawhai Sports Show on Maori TV on Thursday nights at 10.30.

The Robb Report

Tune in on for the latest news presented by Combat TV principal Tony Robb. Videos are uploaded to our youtube channel and also available on this link.

The Robb report will be back in action soon. If you want to hear it first,tune in to the Robb report.

Shamrock Boxing night

To Mr Ronan Foley…I take my hat off to you sir. You have restored my faith in Boxing. After the past couple months of bullshit within the boxing fraternity and the weak ass shows that have been put forward,finally a boxing event that had fantastic amateur bouts and awesome pro bouts. The Fighting […]


NZ fight fans got to see Billy in action for the first time at The corporate Box on Saterday night. And there is a lot to see. The six foot five inch man mountain weighed in at a whopping 147kg and had his opponent down three times in the first 41 seconds,game over. Billy […]


Chauncy Welliver once again put his belts and reputaion on the line when he took on Moyoyo Mensah at The Corporate Box in Auckland city on Saturday night. Without a doubt one of,if not the,busiest heavyweight fighter in the world Welliver tipped the scales at a tidy 108.9kg. This is a far cry […]

News on the way

Having a few hicups at the moment but computer guru Dave Stewart will have things up and running smoothly nextweek with some new features for you all. I will then be able to keep you updated on a regular basis. All fight details and ordering facilities should be avalable by Wednesday. Thanks for your patiance


Sorry guys haven’t worked out how to post video clips here yet but keep watching this space. As well as looking back on King of the ring footage we will be looking forward to the NZ v China show coming up on 12th November when eight of China’s best will take on the NZ team […]

Oh what a night

Back in another century a singer called Frankie Valli had a hit with a song called oh what a night. As the large crowd filed out o f the ASB stadium last night that was the most used phrase that could be heard. What had just been witnessed was another Jason Suttie masterpeice. Carrying on […]

Welcome to our updated site

Thank you for looking. Our aim is to keep the New Zealand and International fight comunity up to date with what is happening on the local fight scene,wether it be boxing,kick boxing or mma. The fight scene in New Zealand is very strong at the moment and we want to help it grow […]