Jason Vorster has made a commitment to hold another three MMA shows in Auckland again this year. Although we are proving to have some of the best fighters in the world in both professional and amateur compitition, Jason is the only promoter in Auckland holding events on a regular basis. This is quite surprising as we have some very strong gyms throughout the North Island. Matt Toa is holding the fort in the South Island, but that is it apart from the odd fight held on kickboxing shows on infrequent occassions. Jason’s last show was hit by pullouts in the last week leading up to the fights, but it was still a really good card. For all MMA fans out there I really urge you to support Jason and Matt as they do their bit and more for this amazing sport. If they cut down on running events it will effect the opportunities provided for fighters and ultimately the number of fighters pursuing the sport. Keep your eye out for the next show in your area and drag your mates along with you.

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