“CHOPPA” thats all you need to know

Although his first fight resulted in a second round knock out win, no one could possibly have imagined the heights Shane “CHOPPA” Chapman would reach in the world of kick boxing. The date was the 30th of November 1995 and for the next eleven years the man known simply as CHOPPA would become a draw card around the world. People started to take more notice after a first round ko win in his second fight. He remained unbeaten in his first eleven fights. The victoms included two Aussies and two good pro fighters in Konjak and Norm Graham.  What Choppa did for NZ fighting was nothing short of amazing.  His loyalty to his trainer and mentor Sifu Phillip Lam seen him fight more international fights at home than any other fighter reguardless of the disipline. Of his 76 fights against international opponents, 42 of them were fought in NZ. Choppa ended his career (to the best of my knowledge) with 67 wins, 16 losses, 4 draws and one disqualification. He won 23 of his fights by ko. Most of his losses were when he struggled to make weight for the k1 max limit of 70kg. As a middleweight and with full thai rules he was the equal to anyone in the world. He also had a few boxing bouts but his real love was Mauy Thai. Shane “CHOPPA” Chapman is a name that will always be ectched in the history of kick boxing in NZ.

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