When Alexei Serepisos steps into the ring in Connecticut for the co main event at Lion Fight 40 on February 3rd, you can rest assured that his home work has been well and truely done. Over the last 23 years of interviewing fighters, Jason Suttie stood out as the fighter who disected his opponents better than anyone else. That was until I met Alexei Serepisos. Just as Jason was meticulous in the preparation before a fight, so too is Alexei. But how do you prepare for a fighter like Lerdsila, who is a living legend with almost two hundred wins. Serepisos admits the task is not an easy one, but believes he can remove the invincible tag that Lerdsila so proudly wears. Jason Suttie had Lolo Heimuli and in later years Roger Earp in his corner, and Alexei is fortunate to have the services of Ethan Shepp in the training role. Ethan has presented fighters on the worlds biggest kickboxing stage (Paul Slowinski  K1 Tokyo Dome 80,000 people) and says that although this might not be as huge event wise, it is probably the most challenging as far as the opponent is concerned. When I questioned him about the match up, Ethan had this to say: “Alexei is always looking for perfection. Even when he wins a fight well and I am happy with the performance, Alexei finds faults with the way he fought. I have to tell him to enjoy the night and the experience. But that is just the way he is, and that striving for perfection makes him the fighter he is”. As for his opponent Ethan said “Lerdsila is a very smart man and I am sure he will have done some homework on Alexei. His record is great, but I don’t think he has come up against anyone like Alexei Serepisos lately. I have spent more than a few sleepless nights trying to formulate a game plan and its not easy, but we do have a plan. But at the end of the day Alexei is the only man that can make it happen”.

When I asked Alexei if fighting Lerdsila would be the highlight of his fighting career so far, he said “winning will be, Lerdsila is definately the biggest name I have fought to date and thats great for me because I’ve been saying I believe I belong at this level for a while now. So I get to see where I am at a world class level. The hard part about fighting Lerdsila is there are no major chinks in his armour that stand out. So I think it’ll be about trying to impliment what we’ve been working on as a team to try and create those chinks myself”.

Alexei has had a 6 week camp leading into fight week and is pleased to get the opportunity to fight on the promotion. “Lion Fight is doing good things for the sports, it’s definitely one of the major western world muaythai promotions. They have a good line up of fighters and consistently put on high level fights, so they’re doing all the right things in my opinion. From a viewer’s perspective the production standard seems to be of a high standard as well. This week will be their 40th show, so they’re not new on the scene but I believe they still have a lot more to add to the sport. Hoping to be a part of that”.

Six time world champion Jason Suttie is living prove that paying attention to the most minute detail pays dividends. Alexei and Ethan are hoping history will repeat this weekend.







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