Whawhai  brought to you by Combat TV

A groundbreaking series that brings together the fighting styles of boxing,kickboxing and MMA in one show.

Coming up this Thursday, full Muay Thai Title fight plus knockout boxing action.

Plenty happening at the moment and we will be updating the site with all the latest fight news over the next few weeks. Bear with us and keep watching this site.

Well finally I get some time to update our site. Last month we had some episodes play in Te Reo Maori as Maori Television was short of the Maori language quota for the month.From the 3rd of September we are now back in sync and this weeks episode will  feature boxing from Shane Cameron’s fight night 3 plus MMA.  Tonight it is the first semi final from the Princesses of Pain 45 show.

We are still getting heaps of queries about what has/is happening to Whawhai. The Maori news (Te Kaea) has been shifted to a permanent weeknight time of 10-30. We are shifting to 9-30,still on Thursday nights. This shift will take place on 29-10-2015. when we take up the slot vacated by Hunting Aotearoa which will have finished its series for the year.  Until then you can get your fight fix by watching replays of Whawhai on Wednesday nights at 9-30. These episodes are in 100%Te Reo.

More changes,Whawhai is now play ing on Thursday nights at 10-00pm