Robb –White Productions Ltd


Introducing Robb White Productions

RobbWhite productions is a company Billy White and myself set up pacifically for the production of the television program Whawhai. The main purpose of Whawhai is to continue on the work Combat Corner had done previously. Namely letting the general public get to know the fighters,promoters,trainers and gyms and hopefully grow a liking,or even better a passion for the fighting sports. Only if fighters are on television on a regular basis will they be able to create an impression with the general public. We want the fighters to use Whawhai as a spring board to go on to bigger and better things,and be able to earn a good living in the sport of their choice. We need the public to see fighters as the top class athletes they are,and not be perceived as unintelligent neanderthals that go around beating people up. Unfortunately that is the way a good number of people do view our athletes and the fight game in general,and we hope to help change that view.