What a great night out. Shane and Tara Cameron continue to raise the bar each time they run a promotion and Fight Night 5 was no exception. Rule No 1 in running a promotion is to make sure the fans enjoy the night and that was never in doubt. From about fight 3 three onwards it would have taken a natural disaster of emense proportion to stop the large crowd from enjoying themselves. Good food (and drink) coupled with a great atmosphere would have been enough for most people but when you throw in the excellent fighting that was on show as well you couldn’t help but have a good time. The ten corporate lead up bouts were of a very hight standard for fighters with limited training. All the gyms should,and I can bet that they will be,very proud of the way their fighters performed. ┬áMany of these fighters would have little trouble performing at a higher level.

The main bout of the night was a torrid affair between Ben Sissam and Ricky Murphy. ┬áBefore the fight,Murphy’s trainer,Shane Cameron had promised a step up from what we had seen in his previous bout against Daniel Maxwell. I think it was an understatement. It was more a giant leap,than a step up. I will post more on the fight at a later date and will attempt to play before and after fight interviews on the Robb report as well.